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Science Fiction


My Brother, the Robot by Bonnie Becker
Poor Chip has to compete with his new perfect brother who is a robot that his parents bought from an ad on TV. They negotiate through sharing space, playing sports, and finally learn a lot from each other and learn to be a family.


The Hermit Thrush Sings by Susan Butler
5th and 6th graders will find mystery and many moods, settings and feelings n this Cinderella story with a twist. Orphaned Leora is outcast because of her malformed hand and flees her stepmother in search of her sister in a world altered by a meteor. She faces danger and fear and conquers them and learns that her defect gives both her and her drawing a power.


Green Boy by Susan Cooper
Trey and his little brother live on an island in the Bahamas with their grandparents. Between the tides, they cross over into a horrifying land where greed and destruction prevail. Lou becomes a key figure in the work of the underground rebels against the destruction of the natural world by a technology run amok. His adventure, narrated by his 12 year old brother Trey, restores the natural environment in both this other world and on the island where he lives.


There's an Alien in my Classroom by Bruce Coville
3rd and 4th graders will enjoy this new kid in class who is an alien. He arrives in a limo and communicates very differently through smells and sounds. Who will get to sit next to him and who will get to visit him at home? Imaginative, visual, easy to read style.


Mid-Air Zillionaire by Robert Elmer
Readers will learn facts about asteroids and decoding secret messages as they visit space stations in this 22nd century story of Miko, who is hiding for fear of being returned to Apollo Children's Home. He is being pursued by zillionaire Donald Zump, but Miko has inherited an asteroid.


The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale
Middle school boys will want to be super kid, Bobby, whose perfect life is interrupted when he is whisked off through a wormhole to Denduron, and discovers he is a Traveler who can move between alternate worlds. Fun dialog, non-stop action, and a touch of romance for middle school girls, too.


The Nose from Jupiter by Richard Scrimger
This book is a delightful, very readable blend of the everyday struggles of Alan Dingwall and the unexpected guest from Jupiter that has taken up residence in his nose. It grabs your interest from the first page when Alan addresses the reader from his hospital bed. Sometimes wreaking havoc when he speaks audibly, the alien becomes a true friend and helps Alan grow in confidence and independence.


Space Race by Sylvia Waugh
11 year old Thomas knows only his life in a small town in England, but his father now wants him to return to his home on the planet of Ormingat. Thomas does not want to leave his friends and his home that he loves, but does he want to remain alone? His father does not want to force his will on Thomas, but he believes Ormingat will give his son a better life. They both learn about holding on to what is important when your world is changing.


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